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Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Registrations in MA

^ There are 124,121 registered motorcycles in Massachusetts, the 25th highest number in the nation. [1]

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MA Motorcycle Insurance

MA Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Requirements in Massachusetts

  • Minimum Liability Limits in MA: 20/40/5 [2]
    • 20  Required coverage up to $20,000 for one individual injured in an accident
    • 40  Required coverage up to $40,000 for all persons injured in an accident
    • 5  Required coverage up to $5,000 for property damage in an accident

  • Insurer Verification of Insurance in MA [2]
    • Insurer must notify Department of Motor Vehicles or other state agency of cancellation or nonrenewal.
    • Insurers must submit entire list of insurance in effect, which may be compared with registrations at a state agency. Also known as a computer data law.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance Liability Requirements

Required Motorcycle Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts

Mandatory motorcycle insurance coverage for riders in the state of Massachusetts.

  • Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in MA [2]
    • Bodily injury liability coverage
    • Property damage liability coverage
    • Uninsured motorist coverage
    • Underinsured motorist coverage
    • Personal injury protection coverage

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Massachusetts

    • Motorcycle helmets required for all riders. [3]

Motorcycle Insurance Laws & Regulations in Massachusetts

Motorcycle License Regulations in Massachusetts [4]

Detailed information about Massachusetts laws and regulations regarding obtaining and maintaining a motorcycle license in the state.

Motorcycle License Regulations in Massachusetts
  • Motorcycle License Laws in MA
    • Class M: A motorcycle or any other motor vehicle having a seat or saddle for the rider and designed to travel with no more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground.
    • To minimize the risk and maximize the fun of motorcycling, the Registry of Motor Vehicles sponsors the Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP).
    • Junior Operators (under the age of 18) are required to complete the MREP basic rider course (which includes a motorcycle skills test) to get a motorcycle license in addition to the requirements needed to obtain a Junior Operator Class D License.

Motorcycle Equipment Laws in Massachusetts [4]

Various regulations and laws in Massachusetts regarding riders and passengers of motorcycles, as well as the equipment used on bikes.

  • Motorcycle Equipment Laws in MA
    • Every operator of or rider on a motorcycle must wear protective headgear and eye-goggles if motorcycle is not equipped with a windshield or screen.
    • Motorcyclists are exempt from wearing protective headgear when participating in a parade.
    • Passenger footrest required if carrying a passenger.
    • Every motorcycle must be equipped with either a split service brake system or 2 independently actuated service brake systems.
    • Every motorcycle must be equipped with 1 white headlamp, 1 red rear lamp, 1 rear stop lamp, and a registration plate illuminator.

Rider & Driver Facts in Massachusetts

Rider & Driver Facts in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Motorcycle Registrations

  • Registered Riders in MA [1]
    • In 2012, Massachusetts totaled 124,121 motorcycles registrations.
    • This number ranks 25th in the United States by state (including Washington, D.C.).
    • Note: MA ranked 15th in the nation in total auto registrations (all vehicle types) in 2011.

Massachusetts Highway Facts

  • Speed Limits in MA [3]
    • Rural interstates: 65 mph
    • Urban interstates: 65 mph
    • Other roads: 55 mph
  • Consumption of Motor Fuel in MA [5]
    • Massachusetts ranked 21st in the U.S. in 2011 in total motor fuel consumption.

Massachusetts Accident Reporting Regulations

  • Accident Reporting in MA [4]
    • Crashes are required to be reported in cases of death, injury, or if property damage exceeds $1000.
    • The deadline to file a report is 5 days.

Additional information about Massachusetts

About Massachusetts

Massachusetts as a whole has an approximate population of 6,547,629, which ranks 16th in the nation. [6]

MA Motorcycle Insurance

MA Motorcycle Insurance

To learn more about Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts, or for additional resources related to Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance, visit the Massachusetts Department of Insurance.

Did you know?

In 2013, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured, down 5.4% from 93,000 in 2012 (Insurance Information Institute)

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